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Creative life has a simple mission: to help individuals working within the creative industries to achieve a lifestyle they want by doing the work they love. This means not having to sacrifice creative integrity or freedom in order to make a living, as well as being happy and fulfilled in the work you do.

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From creative inspiration and thought provoking ideas to practical, applicable advise, this is the place to stay up to date with what is going on in the world of creativity and a chance to do more of the work you love.


Jul 2017

How to fear less by practicing poverty

Posted by Matt Essam

I have been reading stoic philosophy recently after listening to various Tim Ferriss podcasts. One of the things, among many, that I …


Mar 2017

How to find your creative niche

Posted by Kate Ryrie

When it comes to achieving success in any creative pursuit, it’s important to understand your skill set, what you do well, and …


Mar 2017

Five unconventional ways to get more exposure for your work online

Posted by Beck Robertson

If you’re a visual artist still working on building a strong reputation, it can be challenging to know how to gain exposure …

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