Design inspiration Mondays - Week 1

Design inspiration February

Each month we will be showcasing some of the best design inspiration we have come across to help you with your current and future projects. From graphic design and illustration to photography and digital artwork, we have chosen unique images that will get your creative juices flowing. We hope that it may just give you the creative breakthrough you need!



Whether you are a photographer or not, these photographs can be used to take inspiration for all sorts of design. Take time to notice the colour tones, contours and shapes that fit together. I often find it useful to construct a colour palette from a photo as you can be confident the colours will work well together in a complimentary style.


Photo credit: Mel Hagai


Photo Credit: Peter Stuart

Dark Woods

Photo credit: Scott Sim


Are there elements from these illustrations that you can take inspiration from? What is it about them that catches your eye? Be sure to click on the credits for each image to find more from individual artists.

Illustration design inspiration by ONEQ

Credit ONEQ

Monaco Grand Prix Illustration inspiration

Credit: Mads Berg


Graphic Design

There are endless possibilities with the Adobe creative suite but what can you do that stands out from the crowd? Can you use some of the techniques featured in the images below for inspiration on your next design? How could you combine them with techniques you already use?

Graphic Design Inspiration, Rus Khasanov

Credit: Rus Khasanov

Graphic design inspiration from Sawdust

Credit: Sawdust


We see millions of brands every day but what makes certain designs catch our attention? Is there a style of typography that you haven’t experimented with yet? What can you take away from these designs to give you inspiration for your next project?

Branding Inspiration from Ernesta Vala

Credit: Ernesta Vala

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What were your favourite images? What did you not like? Let us know in the comments below!

February 1, 2016
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